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After the introduction of Facebook in Pakistan back in 2005, digital landscape completely changed, following that other social media platforms also came into the scene. In midst of all, smart phones came along which gave another level of hype to these platforms.

The social media took the whole country by storm. Today, there are 25 million Facebook users in Pakistan. According to Facebook 70% are under the age of 25. The total youth population is 60 million which means every 4th young person in Pakistan is on Facebook alone leave aside Twitter, Instagram etc. This should not serve as a surprise to those who studied the social media popularity trend in early days. It was right there , in front of everyone but very few actually understood what would it mean in years to come. To say the least, digital marketing agencies read the stats better than anyone else and completely understood the trends and launched social media marketing campaigns or digital marketing services for brands at that time.

The idea was wholeheartedly welcomed by the brands and they also decided to jump into that boat which was able to sail through with ease in this new digital space. Digital marketing was an instant hit. It generated results which advertisement industry had never seen before.

Digital marketing grew parallel with social media users. Since then, it never looked back. If you can reach millions of audience with less budget then why would someone spend more for conventional advertisement to reach thousands. It was a simple concept and companies did not take long to understand.

Currently, there are tens of digital agencies in Lahore alone which give brands multiple options to chose from according to their budgets and other parameters. ​Now almost all the major companies or brands are actively running their campaigns through these agencies. It would not be wrong to say that Digital agencies played an anchor role in transforming the digital landscape and helping it to reach new heights.

No one can deny the power of digital marketing now and it is backed by stats and figures. Because of this transparency, Digital Marketing is here to stay for a long time or probably forever.

Written By Cerostech content team. A digital Agency based in Lahore, Pakistan
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