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It’s not enough just to make a website or an e commerce store and keep thinking that job is done rather a long interesting digital journey has just started. While walking through it , you can easily get stumbled and disappointed and finally lose all the hope. There can be times when you would feel as if there is no light on the other side of this dark tunnel and you do not stand a chance in this digital race. In midst of all this, there is something which can be your torch and guide you through to the bright light and its nothing but Analytics – The Numbers!

It helps you to understand the strengths and weaknesses of your services/products by observing the behavior of site visitors. In this digital age, brands are driven by data. Agencies uses the same fact and interpret the data and provides solution to its customers accordingly. If you want to know if your web design is visually appealing or not, well analytics has the answer to this. If you are wondering if the web content is interesting, then it can be also analyzed through the same data. How good is your website or E store’s SEO ? Again, it’s the data which would clearly tells you what’s your digital worth. How many people visit your website in a day and out of those how many took an action ? You guessed it right, its analytics again!

For an e commerce shop its even more vital, it’s a number game from the beginning until you get where want to be at. Which one is the top selling product ? Which product has the potential of more sales but its lagging behind ? How good is the design of your online store ? How easy is it for the users to browse through the shop ? What the percentage of your loyal customers ? Is your customers base on the decline or incline ? What is ROI for your ad spend ? Which age group likes your products more ? Which county or region has the most interest in your products ? The answer to all these questions lie in a data analysis of your online shop visitors. Using this, a digital agency streamline the weaknesses and strengths of the brand and inform you about the potential areas of improvement which if followed can enhance your brand image and contribute to its growth. The role of a digital agency in this is like a decoder. Numbers are collected and an agency interprets this data and conveys the decoded message directly to the client.

Hence, its the numbers which makes or breaks a brand. If used wisely, fortunes can turn in your way in no time.

Written by CerosTech Content Team. A data driven Digital Agency based in Lahore, Pakistan

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