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There is a common misconception that after investing in a new website, it should work flawlessly forever but unfortunately, it won’t.

So, are you wondering whether you need a continuous effort for your website’s maintenance after it  goes live, or not?

Well, here are a few questions which would help you reach a decision:

1. Do you already have a significant traffic to your website or you intend to bring it in the future?

In that case, your content should be up to date, in line with your current offers and yes, your website does need regular maintenance.

2. Are you planning to run a promotional ad campaigns on and off for some duration?

Well, it’s a yes again as there should always be something new on the website for its audience

3. Do you intend to use your website just for the product information and contact details which do not change quite often?

It’s a no then. In case of rare update requirements, you can get it done occasionally by acquiring professional help.

4. Do you have an eCommerce website or online store?

It’s a big yes for many reasons:

  • Your website health will be monitored regularly as it involves sales so down time should be minimum
  • Price changes will be up to date and new sale offers can be posted
  • New products can be added anytime and inventory will be up to date
  • End of line products can be removed from the store
  • Analytics can help to review store performance and improve consequently
  • Store’s occasional offers help to keep the customer engaged with the product
  • Website security will be monitored against possible malware attacks

Henceforth, these are the few things which would help you to make up your mind according to your business model. Digital agencies normally offer 6 to 12 months contract for the same. Certain number of hours are spent on your website daily by the agency, making it sure that you are up to date and staying ahead among your competitors in this digital race.

With regular promotion and maintenance, your website shelf-life can be significantly increased over that of an un-kept site, thus increasing the return on your investment!

Written by CerosTech Content Team. A digital agency based in Lahore, Pakistan.



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